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Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb
Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb

Bioluz LED T10 Dimmable LED Filament Bulb

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  • Replaces standard 40-Watt while only using 4-Watts!
  • 3000K Soft White & 450 Lumens
  • SAVES $354 per 6-Pack in energy costs over product lifetime
  • BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE DESIGN - At just over 5.25" long and 1.25" wide diameter, our Edison style filaments create a unique atmosphere in your home, office or workspace.
  • DIMMABLE Smooth dimming capabilities from 100-20% with modern LED dimmers provides the proper look and feel to your living room, dining room and bedroom (OK in Non-Dimmable Fixtures)
  • IDEAL for use in wall sconces, pendant lighting, hanging lighting, Edison light fixtures or home decoration
  • 30-day money back guarantee & 3 YEAR full replacement warranty!
  • UL Listed & Mercury free means safe for you and the environment

Bioluz LED Filament LED T10 - 40 Watt Replacement (7W). Available in Soft White (3000K) – Slightly cooler than Warm - Not yellow and not blue! 
Bioluz LED bulbs offer you the best lighting experience. We manufacture only premium LED products with excellent optical designs. 

LED Filament Bulbs are an innovative technology and Bioluz LED has been on the forefront, producing quality UL Listed filament bulbs and offing the energy efficiency of LED technology with vintage incandescent bulb appearance. 

Better than Ordinary LED Our filament LED technology offers produces light in a 360 degree beam angle – not possible with traditional LEDs. Our filament bulbs use a clear glass bulb, unlike most LED lights, so it’s just like an incandescent bulb. Our Dimmable Soft White (3000K) creates the exact ambiance you’re looking for. 

What are Lumens and Kelvins? 

Lumens are a measurement of how much light is generated - or brightness - each lumen emits approximately the same amount of light as one candle. 

Kelvin represents the "color" (which is based on the temperature) of the light. 

Bioluz LED bulbs are manufactured so that our 2700 Kelvin bulbs are nearly identical in color to incandescent bulbs. Our 3000K bulbs are designed to match halogen bulbs. 

We've found that bulbs which are 4-5000K generates a bluish tint on objects (like at a hospital or office building) and are not as comforting in a home. 

Many brands sell and market higher Kelvin (4-5000) bulbs with lower lumens to make them "appear" brighter.

Big Savings 
Bioluz LED filament bulbs are the perfect energy saving replacement for standard incandescent bulbs and will drastically reduce your energy bills while providing the same light quality. Our bulbs' energy consumption is lower than competing LEDs and are extremely inexpensive to operate. 

Size: 5.3" H x 1.3" D 
Bulb Type: LED Tube Shape 
Watt Output Replacement: 40 Watt 
Volts Required: 110-120V 
Socket: E26/E27 
Color Temperature: 3000K

Technical Details