4-Inch LED Retrofit Recessed Light Fixtures, 90 CRI, Dimmable, UL-Listed CEC JA8 Title 24 Compliant

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  • Fits 4" canned / recessed light fixtures and OK in damp locations such as bathrooms or showers
  • Choose from Baffled or Non-Baffled Design
  • Available in 2700K Warm White, 3000K Soft White or 4000K Natural White
  • 90 CRI LEDs provides the highest quality Color Rendering. SEE YOUR SURROUNDINGS IN THEIR NATURAL COLORS!
  • Dimmable.   See our compatible dimmer list
  • Instant On at Full Brightness
  • See Photos for exact dimensions
  • UL Listed, JA8, CEC and FCC approved!
  • Installation Instructions

Bioluz LED manufactures the highest quality and energy efficient LED bulbs and retrofit kits in the industry, backed with an unconditional 5 Year replacement guarantee.

Compare Bioluz LED to the competition.

You'll notice most other kits on the market have begun reducing their lumens to cut costs - this translates to a dimmer, less enjoyable lighting experience for you or your customers. Bioluz LED retrofit kits are built with extremely efficient and UL listed components, translating to more lumens per watt and better brightness than less expensive models.

What are Lumens and Kelvins?

Lumens are a measurement of how much light is generated – or brightness – each lumen emits approximately the same amount of light as one candle.

Kelvin represents the "color" (which is based on the temperature) of the light.

Bioluz LEDs are manufactured so that our 2700K (2700 Kelvin) bulbs are nearly identical in color to incandescent bulbs. Our 3000K bulbs are designed to match halogen bulbs.

We’ve found that bulbs which are over 4000K generate a bluish tint on objects (like at a hospital or office building) and are not as comforting in a home.

Many brands sell and market higher Kelvin (4-5000) bulbs with lower lumens to make them "appear" brighter. Bioluz LED manufactures the correct color bulbs with exceptionally bright, energy efficient LEDs, so you get the color and brightness you're accustomed to without the harsh effect of higher color temperatures.