Bioluz LED 100W Dimmable LED Light Bulbs 1600 Lumens (use only 15W) Choose 3000K or 4000K 100W A19

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  • Saves $936 per 4-pack package in energy compared to a 100W incandescent bulb!
  • True 100W Equivalent with 1,600 lumens of light! Yet uses only 15 Watts (that's over 100 Lumens per watt)!
  • True A19 Size - We packed all those lumens into a standard A19 format which will fit all your standard light fixtures
  • DIMMABLE, Instant on at full brightness and wide light pattern
  • Does not generate heat like incandescent - warm to the touch.

Bioluz LED 100-Watt Equivalent, Dimmable, A19 LED Light Bulbs

Available in Soft White (3000K) and Natural White (4000K)

Create the atmosphere you need in any indoor or outdoor space with Bioluz LED 100-Watt Equivalent, Dimmable, A19 LED Light Bulbs

The Soft White (3000 Kelvin) bulbs generate a bright yet inviting color, not yellow and not bluish, creating a cozy feel, which makes them a great choice for any bedroom, living room, study, family room, or dining room.

The Natural White (4000 Kelvin) bulbs generate bright, nearly daylight color, with absolutely no yellow and a crispy white light, making them ideal anywhere you want or need to be inspired, like a work bench, art room, closet or garage.

Bioluz LED 100 Watt Equivalent bulbs are also dimmable, so you can turn them down anytime you don't need their full 1,600 lumens of bright light.


Long-Lasting Performance

Each bulb offers a lifespan of 25,000 hours, which means if it’s used for 3 hours every day, it will last for over 23 years. Spend less time replacing bulbs with Bioluz LED long-lasting LED light bulbs.

Compared to its incandescent equivalent, the Bioluz LED bulb makes a more economical choice—it costs only $1.81 per year to operate, and it uses only 15 watts of energy for a savings of up to $233.74 per year.*

*Based on a three-hours-per-day usage at a rate of 11 cents per kWh.



Instant Brightness

Some bulbs warm up slowly, taking time to achieve their full brightness potential. With Bioluz LEDbulbs, there’s no waiting time required. Each bulb in this pack immediately provides 100 watts of equivalent light for full brightness in an instant.

Create Less Heat

Bioluz LED 100 Watt A19 bulbs operate at a MUCH lower temperature than halogen bulbs.  Less heat means more energy is being transferred to light and you're far less likely to burn your hands or damage your lighting fixtures and wiring. 


Technical Details