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Energy Star VS California Title 20

What is Energy Star?

For years, the Energy Star logo meant you were getting the most energy efficient appliances available on the market.  This may no longer be the case!

Is Title 20 Better?

California has once again updated energy efficiency and light quality mandates for LED bulbs and fixtures. The new requirements can be found in the California Energy Commission website

The new California standards require greater efficiency (more light output per watt of energy consumed), as well as higher light quality (CRI of at least 90, plus a few more criteria) and is much more stringent than Energy Star


Why does it matter?

Bioluz LED's 90 CRI products are all listed in the CEC (California Energy Commission) database to ensure you're getting the highest quality and most efficient bulbs available.

If you live in California, replacement and LED retrofit bulbs must be certified as Title 20 and be listed in the CEC database as Title 20 compliant.

If you live outside California, Bioluz LED's 90 CRI Title 20 products will ensure you're getting the highest efficiency and greatest light quality of any LED on the market - even higher than products which may only be Energy Star certified.

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